Latest with T&L Foundry


Over the past year T&L Foundry has added and upgraded equipment to meet customer demands and expectations. Two of the major equipment projects were the addition of a new States Engineering CM-2500 Ring Mullor and a Roberts Sinto Fbox Automatic molding machine flask size 20”x24”. The equipment was up and running with installations completed in less than four days.

The new FBOX has been an amazing molding machine and allows us to produce castings twice as fast and with greater quality. “The FBOX actually uses the same sand as our jolt squeeze and cope and drag machines. It’s unbelievable. I’ve never seen an automatic do that” quoted by supervisor Tony Chandwick in a recent foundry magazine article. We have been able to draw pockets with the FBOX that in the past gave us extreme trouble. These are just some of the upgrades T&L Foundry has done and will continue to do to stay on top and meet, even exceed customer’s expectations!